Are Travel Agents Staging a Comeback?

Here are 10 major reasons why travel agents make better travel planers than a website booking agency:

1. The Best Value for Your Vacation Dollar: the professionals can help your dollars go further because they have access to the deals – flights, hotels, cars, even dinner out!

2. Location, Location, Location! professional travel consultants can help find the perfect place to stay – a hotel with a view of the ocean in Hawaii, a jungle hut in the Nilgiri foothills… A travel agent can make your location dreams come true.

3. Knowledge of All the Ins and Outs: Travel planners can acquaint you with the local laws and regulations for your travel destination. This is particularly important if you’re traveling to another country.

4. Credentials: Professional agents attend training sessions, seminars and advanced classes to prepare themselves for customers just like you.

5. Tourist Attractions: Travel agents can recommend the not-to-miss spots – amusement parks, museums, nature preserves, historical locations, etc.

6. Avoid International Flight Confusion: the pros can brief you on those confusing international flight transfers that the internet search engines don’t explain.

7. Where to Go With Kids: Live agents can help you to find the kid-friendly locations.

8. Trip Cancellation: Something has come up and you need to cancel your trip? Call your representative and he’ll take care of it all.

9. Travel Insurance: Travel agents can help you pick an appropriate travel insurance plan.

10. Personalized Trips: The pros can prepare a personalized trip, based on where you want to go and what you want to do.